Dausend Acoustics Services

Please have a look on some of our services we can provide to you. Do not hesitate to ask what we can do for you.


Advanced Simulations

● BEM for Acoustics

● FEM for Acoustics and Mechanics

● Lumped and Crossover Simulations


BEM SPL distribution
 FEM phase iso surfaces
FEM vibration analysis

Acoustical Measurements   

● Klippel® R&D System   

● Large Signal Laser Analysis   

● Directivity and Ballon Measurements   


Mechanical Engineering

● 3D CAD Modelling

● Static Load Stress Tests

● Dynamic Structural Vibration Analysis


In-House Prototyping    

● 3D Printing and 3D CNC    

● Plastic Parts    

● Wooden Cabinets    




● Ideation Support    

● Holistic Development    

● Supplier Management    

● System Sound Tuning    

● Transducer Tweaking    




Costum-designed horns and waveformers.

Cardioid line array elements or cardiod subwoofers.

Directivity engineering.

Beamforming techniques.


Immersive front surround widening.

Dynamical bass enhancement for portable devices.

Binaural algorithms for headphones.


Reflection reducing waveguides.

Sound stage software algorithms.

Speaker placements and sound tuning.

Adaptive nonlinear loudspeaker control. 


Constant directivity waveguides for dome tweeter, cones or AMTs.

Cardioid low mids in bookshelf format.

Full active DSP controlled system with FIR filters.